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BBQ Pulled Pork Dip

Ok ok, this is not AT ALL in line with my ‘let’s try new healthy things!’ adventure. But I had to make something for the debate party we were going to, and I’d just made some pulled pork (the boyfriend is always craving bbq pulled pork sandwiches, and I’m sick of going to BBQ restaurants weekly). So I thought… what can I make with BBQ pulled pork as an appetizer? And SHOCKINGLY the internet was not that helpful. There are a few dips out there, or sliders… but honestly, nothing that impressed me. So I made one up. And it was a huge hit! Good for tailgating, parties and all splurge eating events… 

Things you need:

  • pork roast (and crock pot to cook it in preferably)
  • sweet liquid of any kind for cooking pork
  • bbq sauce
  • onions
  • 3 jalapenos (optional, but recommended)
  • coleslaw (pre-made, or fixings for it)
  • shredded cheese (any kind really)
  • cream cheese
  • sour cream or plain greek yogurt
  • Something sturdy to dip with… we used fritos scoops to much success. (probably too dense for regular tortilla chips… maybe crackers though would work too)

Step 1: Make pulled pork. Get out that trusty crock pot again, and line the bottom with onions. Then lay a boneless pork roast on top of the onions (or not on top, not a huge deal really). If you’re feeling especially southern, pour a can of coke, or root beer or doctor pepper on top. If you’re not feeling that silly (or you’re anti-American), you can use any sweet liquid. I went with apple cider (and added a few apple slices for good measure), but you can also use 1/2 a cup of brown sugar or honey and water or broth… seriously, anything. Just make sure the liquid goes up at least half way up the roast.  Now turn on the crock pot to low and go to work, or go to bed. You can also put in some fresh black pepper and a little salt if you want… spices are always free form.

Step 2: Cook for 6-9 hours. (yup, that’s it)

Step 3: Remove the roast at the end of cooking and let it cool enough that you can shred it up. I use the 2 forks methods, or just my fingers. Whatever you prefer.

Step 4: Freeze about 1/2 of that shredded pork for later. You won’t need a whole pork roast for dip unless you have VERY hungry friends. Tear or chop up the remaining pork into smaller bits and poor on some bbq sauce (amount is up to you— we like it saucy)

Step 5: Alright, now it’s coleslaw time. You can use any coleslaw recipe you like. I usually a basic one like this one from Taste of Home and doctor it up. However, for this endeavor I was uncharacteristically lazy and bought the packaged Dole ‘coleslaw in a bag’ stuff and added some fresh cilantro and a little garlic salt. I know… I go against my own rules sometimes, but we were in a hurry. It did the job pretty well actually.

Step 6: In a bowl, blend together at least a block of cream cheese (more if you’re cream cheese obsessed like myself) and a few dollops of sour cream or greek yogurt. Feel free to heat this up a little if the cream cheese won’t stir. If you’re feeling sneaky, add some spices in here like celery salt, cayenne, minced onion etc. Totally optional and keeps it from being boring if you make it again.

Step 7: De-seed and dice up those jalapenos. Keep them small. Of course these are optional, but you don’t get too much kick really as they’re deseeded and you need a little bite to balance the sweet bbq sauce.

Step 8: FINALLY – layer! Set the oven to 400 or so. Then layer a 9×13 pan… Cream cheese blend on the bottom, then bbq pulled pork layer, then jalapenos, then shredded cheese (I used nearly 2 full cups… whoops). Ok, put this in the oven for like 15 minutes.

Step 9: Pull out the pan and let it sit for like 10 minutes. We just wanted to melt up the cheeses. Then layer the coleslaw on top. You can eat immediately, or over the next while at room temperature. You can’t reheat it with the coleslaw on there (gross), but it’s good at room temperature so no worries.

Enjoy with fritos or another dipping instrument, and let me know if you like it/what you’d adjust!

Also, what other uses do you have for left over BBQ  pork or chicken? Or perhaps a healthier version? Share in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “BBQ Pulled Pork Dip

  1. This was requested for yesterday’s Packer’s game… but I didn’ t have the time to make the pulled pork. I’ll try to make this again soon though, perhaps a more healthy option and I’ll post it as well.


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