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Vote! And posting delays…

First, GO VOTE! Don’t give me that ‘my vote doesn’t count’ BS… I sincerely don’t want to hear it. Do it. Only vote local, vote 3rd party, I don’t care. Participate.

Ok, Second, Just want to say sorry for the slow posting lately. I’m going to try to do some this week but I’m on client site for work w/o open internet. This means my laptop is actually really a word processor. It’s hilarious. And by hilarious I mean please kill me now. I’m tethering my phone right now… which is going to be expensive soon. So, all that to say, hopefully Wed or Thursday night I’ll have a new post up. Maybe both! I have a few dinners/snacks lined up to write about so it should be soon.

Thanks for reading, thanks for participating in civil society, and have a great election results night.


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