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Cakes for Congress

It started with a joke. My dear friend Emily Grace and I are about as opposite on the political spectrum as two Americans can be. We are both passionately political… it can create some really challenging twitter debates. But every once in awhile, we agree entirely on an issue or idea. And when we do, we always joke that we should bake cakes for ourselves/everyone we know in celebration.

So today, after hearing that House Republicans have agreed to extend the debt limit for 3 months, with the provision that in that time Congress must pass a budget, I tweeted that I’m totally fine with this. While some may say this is still a deal with strings, this democrat-aligned lady would really like our legislature to pass a budget for once (it hasn’t happened in awhile if you’re not a congressional budget nerd). And, sure enough, Emily Grace, the dear libertarian-ish republican that she is, said she totally agreed. We were on the same exact page! Hooray!

But so what if we agreed? What does it matter? Well… why not share our joy with Congress? If they can get a budget passed, perhaps they should be rewarded? Sure, it’s their job. And sure, they haven’t been very helpful to the public lately. But perhaps, just maybe, they only need some encouragement and positive reinforcement. It certainly can’t hurt. So, after checking the ethics rules, which we believe we would not be in violation of, we made a plan.

The plan is Cakes for Congress. Here, this will sum it up:


So that’s it. We’re doing it. I’ll be starting a blog just for cakes for congress (hopefully this weekend), and we’re looking into Kickstarter to raise some funds for this endeavor. Should they pass a budget, this would mean we’re baking 541 cakes (435 Representatives in the House, 100 Senators, and 6 non-voting members from territories etc. like Puerto Rico and DC… which since I’m a DC resident, we must include — BTW *aside* DC should really be a state).

So if you’d like to join us in this crazy plan, leave a comment, or tweet either of us: (my personal acct) (Emily Grace’s acct) (you know this one, don’t be silly)

More details to come! And more posts soon… seriously. Promise! Spaghetti squash post is like 75% done. Enjoy! And happy inauguration weekend from DC.


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3 thoughts on “Cakes for Congress

  1. I would be happy to bake a few cakes for this!

  2. Do cupcakes count? I’d chip in, either baking time, ingredients, or cash.

  3. I think this is a great idea, I would support it. I love cupcakes, I try to eat cake everyday, so I can taste test as well, good excuse to come to DC.

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