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Stage 1: Denial

I haven’t been much of a blogger lately. Not to say I’m not cooking, but the photos and the description parts are WAY harder than the cooking and eating honestly. But that may change soon… maybe the new year? Maybe an inspired holiday post? Why? Because I’m on my way to being gluten free. I can’t say I will adhere over night… but I’m on the path. After years of anemia (recently severe with lots of dizziness etc), and a variety of other strange chronic issues that apparently can be tied to celiac disease, I was blood tested. Sure enough, pretty strong positive markers. Granted my reaction was to eat mac & cheese in grief (obviously, but now my stomach is angry)… so I have a ways to go. I’ll have a biopsy in the near future to confirm (it looks at ‘gut damage’… sounds great huh?). And then we will march confidently into the future of relearning to cook basically. My days of a 5 ingredient cake will be over, replaced with flour blends and xantham gum… but also maybe a happier digestive experience, working intestines and all the bad things that happen when your body isn’t absorbing nutrients correctly. And so, creative eating will become, dare I say, more creative. I refuse to become one of those people who just whines they can’t eat anything they want… there’s a world of ingredients at my amazon-enabled finger tips and surely we haven’t tried them all yet. Bread didn’t get so delicious over night – it took centuries of people figuring out the perfect recipes. And so I will join those sans-wheat (and barley etc) pioneers who relearns to make delicious foods, and supports others on the same (forced) endeavor. At least I hope so. Or I’ll eat Amy’s GF mac & cheese from the frozen section every day and become a fat lazy gluten free person. Hopefully the former though. Seriously. 


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