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A Thanksgiving Cartoon

From one of my favorite internet cartoonists Natalie Dee we have some inspiring Thanksgiving directions.

Her title for this? “Generally speaking you should figure out how much you need and double it”  This is certainly a holiday tradition I abide by.

And also this one from Nov. 2008 because I do (I’m ashamed to admit it) love the jelly cranberry sauce. Don’t judge.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Remember to be appreciative of the food you’re preparing and enjoying, and gracious with family member’s egos, opinions and back handed compliments. Enjoy!

And new header credit…

Thanks to Olympia Farmers Market for the excellent seasonal photo too!  I don’t even like beets but they look great here! Maybe I’ll have to eat some yet this year…

And a thank you

Oh, also, I will be changing the banner photo by the season to fit what foods are available and at least semi-locally available for eating/cooking with. While I hope to have more of my own pictures soon, I’d like to say thanks to Volante Farms (in Needham MA) for this lovely squash/pumpkin/gourd photo which I borrowed from their blog. Thanks Volante Farms and google images.

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