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Election 2012 Fun

So I’m pretty political. I love politics in fact. And sometimes I like to live-tweet things like debates on my personal twitter account @Lia_Bia — feel free to follow that for politics snarking rather than food (stick with @creativeating for food stuffs). In line with this, I have created a bingo game for next week’s domestic policy presidential debate. So, if you download this,  you can ‘shuffle’ it and print out different cards for your friends and play a little election bingo (print space should be set correctly for just the card portion). Winner gets a second vote (as long as you’re not in one of those pesky voter ID states)  🙂 JK.

Enjoy! Find the doc here:

2012 Presidential Debate Bingo:

Domestic Policy (Oct 3rd)

VP Debate (Oct 11th)

Town Hall Bingo  (Oct 16th)

Foreign Policy (Oct 22nd)

(You have to download it and say yes to enabling macros)


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