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Hurricane Eating & Preparedness #Sandy

Just a short post to say hello from hurricane land. Here in DC we’re at home (technically I’m working from home, while the boyfriend gets the day off to read fishing blogs etc). I’ll try to take photos of dinner, which he is preparing, and update this post. But our plan for the day/tomorrow is as follows:


Breakfast: With Electricity (yay!)

Egg, bacon, cream cheese bagel sandwiches with fresh berries (raspberries and blueberries) on the side

Lunch: With or w/o electricity capable

Ham sandwiches with a side of banana or carrots and our favorite, buffalo flavored pretzel chips

Dinner: With or w/o electricity capable (thanks to great planning by the dude)

Pre-cooked crumbled spicy chicken sausage tacos w/ lettuce, cheese and chips & salsa


Other ready to eat hurricane prep items

Water (we’ve got one bought gallon and 2 pitchers we filled up, just in case. You never know)

Candles & flashlights/headlamps (w/o power our house will smell like the inside of a cheap version of Yankee Candle)

Snack foods that require no refridgeration: bananas, apples, fixings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers, granola bars etc.

A plan for cold foods: we have a cooler and have been storing up extra ice. The hope is that any power will only be out shortly so we can just keep the fridge closed (and we set it to the coldest level last night to chill it out as much as possible) and wait it out, but we’ll do what we need to.


Stay dry and safe out there. We’re lucky this storm missed hitting DC directly, but it looks like parts of NJ and NY are really facing some brutal winds and surf. Hoping all have moved to higher ground, and stay wary of down power lines etc.


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